Europe's Most Technologically Advanced Clinic

We have worked with Europe's most technologically advanced clinic for years.

We have worked closely with our client for a number of years working on every aspect of the business from Invisalign campaigns to Practice Plan campaigns for high patient retention.

We work on several aspects of their online business.

Social Media

Google Ads


Content Creation

Design and Branding

Communications Strategy

By breaking their overall digital marketing plan into these sectors we can establish a strong marketing approach allowing us to position them in the number 1 spot in almost every aspect of their industry resulting in high organic patient traffic.

The introduction of Facial aesthetics and e-comerce will come into play in the near future which will open up new doors for the clinic. If you want to rank higher on Google then you should take the time to learn more about SEO for dentists. It’s a chance to show up first when patients are searching for answers you can solve and services you can provide. At Dental Marketing we do SEO specifically for dental clinics and dentists. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO For Dental Clinics services and how we can help you get more patients.

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